Monday, July 19, 2010


So today is Day two of having the mustang and day one of working with him at my house, I got home yesterday at 7pm from mississippi. I drew a bay gelding under two. Hes crazy. I can tell he is used to being boss and he has looks to prove it, really nice coat and a decent weight. He isnt very scared of me, more curious actually. He was however very worked up in the trailer, For the first hour of the trip he would back up to the front of the trailer and then run at the back gate and jump. He eventually calmed down and only acted out when a truck or motorcycle passes. Once we got home however is a different story. My father put his hand on his rump to encourage him out of the trailer and Bullseye reached around and attempted to bit it off, twice! He also attempted to jump the corral (and nearly made it!) as soon as he was in it so we actually ended up locking him in a stall much the the trailer he got used too. He seems to enjoy that alot, especially considering he has never been in one before. We do plan on letting him in the corral again tomorrow after we increased the height. As of today though, he lets me pet his neck and sometimes his face. I have also been able to put pressure on his halter.

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